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Fused Alumina

We have brought the fused alumina for the customers. This range of products are used in the grinding and cutting applications of refractory material sectors. The refractory materials are produced using them. The alumina have the high stability at high temperatures. These are formed in the electric furnace by passing of the current. The fused alumina are offered at the practical costs. The quality and purity make them suitable for the laboratory use. The company has high reputation in supplying the best quality alumina to the lab sectors. 

Fused Alumina Granules

We have brought the fused alumina granules that are used in the laboratory sector. These are used for the grinding and smoothly cutting the materials. They play a meaningful role in the production of the refractory materials. They can easily withstand the high temperatures with greater stability. Their quality and purity are guaranteed. The fused alumina granules are formed in the electric furnaces under the instructions of experienced professionals. Thus, the customers will get the pure and finely formed alumina granules at meaningful price. 

Fused Alumina Powder

Fused Alumina Powder is available in pure and effective form to provide the best results in different industrial applications. It is widely used in blasting, grinding, and cutting operations. In addition, it is also utilized as a refractory material for serving the refractory needs of the clients. It is developed by the process of smelting of Calcined Bauxite in an electric arc furnace at more than 2000 degree C temperature. With a slow solidification process, it yields blocky crystals.

Market: Worldwide