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Caster Wheel

We offer the range of castor wheels that have the industrial applications. The wheels are often attached to the bottom of the equipment for enhancing its mobility. The wheels assist in movement of the heavy objects with high ease. The wheels have the different diameters and widths for suiting exact demand of the consumers. The castor wheels help in distributing the weight for preventing floor cracks and damages. They provide strong support to the equipment. Their quality is determined by the larger weight they can sustain and distribute. 

Landglass Caster Wheel

Glass Tempering furnace use caster wheels

We provide heavy-duty Landglass Caster Wheel with high load bearing capacity to meet different transporting needs. It is easy to install in maneuver carts, dollies, racks, and other equipment for serving the mobility needs in different kinds of work environment. It is developed using soft material for keeping the surfaces of the floors free from scratches, breakage and chipping. We can offer this Land Caster Wheel with high resistance features from oil and chemicals to provide sufficient cushioning to shock, vibration and noise.

The caster wheel produced by our company is specially matched to the caster wheel for glass machinery. This model is a high temperature resistant PTFE caster wheel. It can be commonly used on Land glass tempering furnace. The commonly used model is φ30*M14*100, and other sizes can be customized.


Ball Material

PU, Rubber

Thread Rod

M8, M10, M12, M14


Glass machines




Wheel width:



30mm, 38mm

Screw length:



1.Flexible rotation and rolling,less scratch on glass;
2.High stability and low noise.
3.Please consult customer service for detailed specifications before placing an order.

M8-D38-16T Caster Wheel

Market: Worldwide

Portable Caster Wheel

We offer the portable caster wheel to the clients. The light in weight makes the wheel easily transportable. This is often fitted or attached to the bottom or base of the machinery or table for making them moveable. It is designed in a way that it can easily withstand heavy weight with no chances of getting broken. The portable caster wheel distributes the weight to maintain stability or balance. It thus, helps in avoiding the floor cracks and damages.