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Drill Bits

The company provides the range of drill bits to the customers. The drill bits are the cutting tools that are used for drilling into the materials for creating circular holes. The holes have finishing with no unevenness. We have brought these products in different customized sizes as per the requirements of the customers. The silver color helps in highlighting them in the work environment. The drill bits are suitable for many commonly used materials. Their durability and toughness add significant points to their properties, thereby increasing their demands. 

75mm Drill Bits

Market: Worldwide

Diamond Wheel Drill Bits

The company provides the diamond wheel drill bit for the customers usage. The drill bit is used for drilling circular holes with great even and fine angles. The diamond like shine makes it look presentable. The size of the drill bit can be customized as per the instructions of the customers. it is suitable on most of the common and popular materials. The diamond wheel drill bit is made up of durable as well as sturdy quality material. 

Industrial Drill Bit

Market: Worldwide

Glass Drill Bits

These sturdy Glass Drill Bits are electro-bonded drill bits ideal for drilling glass and tiles without any breakage and chipping. These hard and brittle bits come with different holes as per the hardness and thickness of the material. They can be easily installed on all hand held drilling machines and models. We can provide these Glass Drill Bits in different sizes from 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 22 to 45 mm diameter according to the needs of the clients.

Market: Worldwide

A12 Glass Drill Bits

Market: Worldwide