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Ceramic Roller

We are involved in supplying the ceramic rollers to the clients. The ceramic material is used as it provides wonderful thermal insulation in addition to non-conductivity. The corrosion free property of the ceramic is utilized when it is used for making rollers. These rollers will lead to deformation of the glass conveyed. The high resistance against the thermal shocks makes the ceramic rollers protective devices. They are suitable for the high temperatures. They are significantly utilized in the industrial sector, owing to the elongated durability.

fused silica ceramic rollers for glass tempering furnace

Fused Silica Ceramic rollers for Glass Tempering Furnace, 

silicone steel production, lehr & lor float glass line.

The Fused Silica Ceramic roller, or called ceramic roller is a key component in glass horizontal tempering furnace, 

consisted of porcelain body, bearing, shaft and plastic labyrinth sealing ring.

mainly used for carrying and transporting glass in glass horizontal tempering furnace. The ceramic roller is made of high-purity fused silica

This white colored roller is used in the industrial sector. It has amazing thermal insulation as well as non-conductivity properties. Also, it is resistant against the corrosion. The high resistance against the thermal shocks is worth considering. The high durability makes it further demandable. The offered white ceramic roller is of premium quality, which satisfies the customers and meet their requirements. The white color avoids the heat absorption. 

Industrial Ceramic Roller

This high-end Industrial Ceramic Roller is widely used for meeting the needs of super high temperature refractoriness up to 1800℃. It can withstand high-working temperature up to 1400℃ owing to its low thermal expansion, perfect toughness and high bending strength. This comes with optimized microstructure to ensure outstanding thermal shock resistance features. It is a durable Industrial Ceramic Roller available for kilns to produce the large table-ware and dimension tiles.

Market: Worldwide